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Usage Policy

About the series of Minamata photos

We provide the variety of service in order to help to publish photographic materials. We also provide services to be used to understand the pollution or environmental issues deeply. For educational materials, publications, exhibitions, TV programs or lecture meetings, please read followings carefully and inquire us for more information.
A portion of the profits will be spent to help Minamata Disease victims and environmental protection activities.

Fees and Charges

It varies on the purpose and quantity. In each case, it will be charged for one-time use only. For secondary or multiple use (e.g. additional media to be used), it will be calculated again. Please inquire for details.
Incorrect information can lead to a surcharge on the originally agreed fee and may lead to a cancellation of the license.

Examples of secondary or multiple uses;

  1. Publication : When to reproduction, According to the alternation of design or size.
  2. TV program : When to rerun.
  3. Web : When to be used out of permitted duration.

*Shipping fees must be added.

Credit Lines

With all editorial rights managed photography, either one of the following credits should be placed with any reproduction. The preferable location for this credit line is immediately adjacent to the image or in the acknowledgements or credits section. For all commercial and advertising uses, we would request that the licensee would use reasonable effort to provide the same credit line. Credit lines varies depending on the photographer. We will let you know which one should be used.

Image Types

Digital images and Printed images are both available, please let us know which type is preferred.


In each case, applicants must specify the date of the required period to be used and must return to us when it expires or inquire the extension.

Important Notices

  1. We shall refuse our images to be used in the advertisement, sex entertainment industry or medias related to the sex entertainment industry.
  2. Any effects such as cropping, blending, overprinting, wrapping or other effects cannot be permitted.
  3. Do not put any captions on the photo image.
  4. Unauthorized uses of photo images are prohibited by the Copyright Act. Do not duplicate, digitalize or store for any purposes out of permission.
  5. We would like to request to submit us two of the publications.

We are not responsible for the usages which are not followed along the terms and conditions above.

Comments and questions, please contact us directly;
Mail to aarc(at)